A criticism of charter schools essay

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Thesis about charter schoolsthe best thesis for argument essay.

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Criticism of Charter Schools

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Charter School Movement Turns 20, Amid Criticism And Success Stories

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Charter School Movement Turns 20, Amid Criticism And Success Stories

Since charter schools and public schools directly compete for public funding, some argue that the existence of charter school undermines the public education system. Additionally, since charter schools can be run by for-profit organizations, some criticise for-profit charter schools as turning education into a business opportunity.

Charter school law is a mess because it was built on an assumption that parent choice and creating competition between privately managed and publicly managed schools would improve the delivery of education in the California education system.

A national study of charter school finance reported that district schools spend substantially more on teacher salaries than do charter schools (districts devoted % of their current operating.

Criticism of Charter Schools

Charter schools have a negative effect on public education because they siphon off funding from regular public schools, because they are in many ways beyond the control of the public school.

Charter schools are publicly funded but governed by institutions outside the public school system, including businesses, non-profit organizations, universities, and groups of individuals who write a charter and get it approved.

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The case against charter schools A criticism of charter schools essay
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