Comparison of private and public schools

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Private School vs. Public School – Cost & Comparison

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Private versus public

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Private School vs. Public School Breakdown

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To Apply for the Program. Download CAPE's Procedures for Private Schools (PDF).; Download the BRS application in PDF format.; Download the assessment cut scores (PDF) from the U.S.

Department of Education's Web site to see if your school qualifies. Note that this document was revised 9/24/ to reflect the College Board cut scores. The September/October issue previews state legislative elections and what voters will face on statewide ballot measures.

Also read about efforts to halt sexual harassment in. Find the best Washington Public schools with See school trends, attendance boundaries, rankings, test scores and more. Database of public schools in the United States.

Quality of Education in Public Schools. Lately, standardized testing, education reform, and the quality of education in United States public schools are constant topics in the news. Completions per students The total number of undergraduate-level completions (degrees and certificate programs of at least one year in length) per full-time equivalent undergraduates, based on total credit hours taken.

May 30,  · A look inside New Jersey's other school system. Morris County's Academy for Mathematics, Science and Engineering is one of New Jersey's growing number of specialized public high schools run by the.

Comparison of private and public schools
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