Conditioned stimulus conditioned response essay

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Unconditioned Stimulus Essay

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Psychology Essay on Classical Conditioning

A naturally occuring stimulus (the unconditioned stimulus) is paired with a response (the unconditioned response). Then, a neutral stimulus (the conditioned stimulus) is paired with the unconditioned stimulus and eventually the conditioned stimulus produces the initial response of the unconditioned stimulus without the unconditioned stimulus being present.

According to Pavlov, specific terms begin to be used to describe conditioning such as unconditioned response and conditioned response. Based on Ivan Pavlov’s experiment, the natural response to food for a dog is to salivate.

This is called unconditioned response (UCR) to the unconditioned stimulus (UCS), which in this case is the food. Extinction is the process in which you lose the ability to evoke conditioned response when it no longer is followed by a unconditioned stimulus. In the case of Pavlov’s dogs, extinction could occur if Pavlov kept ringing the bell and not following it up with the meat powder.

Conditioned stimulus is a part of the learning theory Classical Conditioning. In this theory of learning, conditioned stimulus is a neutral stimulus that triggers some sort of response when paired or associated with an unconditioned stimulus (natural stimulus).

Conditioned stimulus (CS)-Originally neutral stimulus paired with unconditioned stimulus and eventually produces the desired response in organism when presented alone.


Classical Conditioning Essay Sample

Conditioned response (CR)- After conditioning, the response organism produces when conditioned stimulus is presented. Can anyone tell me what the unconditional response, conditioned response, unconditional stimulus, conditioned stimulus and neutral stimulus would be for a reaction to a tv commercial.

Conditioned stimulus

Example, the State Farm commercials with Jake. The commercial being funny and seeing it .

Conditioned stimulus conditioned response essay
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