How did high school education prepare

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Do you feel your school has prepared you for college?

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How Did High School Education Prepare Me for College?

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For the first year, I failed to turn in italics by their due dates, but Mrs. Apr 27,  · Most high school classes aim to prepare the students by delivering course work that establishes the standards and expectations that are upheld by institutions of higher learning.

Students are taught what to expect in a college course and are told how professors behave in a typical college environment. However, despite the fact that modern education's aim is to prepare students for the "real world", myself and many people around me feel dangerously lost once we.

To the extent that the school sees secondary education as college preparation and backs up its teachers is the extent to which high school prepares a student. As a general proposition, I’d say high school does a terrible job of preparing students for college.

I went to decent schools for elementary, junior high, and high school. My elementary school had a Gifted and Talented Education Program that I was in, my junior high let me take high school classes, and my high school had AP classes in almost every subject.

High schools nowadays don’t prepare you for college; they prepare you for getting into college, or at least, they try to. Students are told that high school prepares them for the type of studying they will have to do in college, but in reality, most high school classes don’t even come close.

Education is one of the most important assets in our lives in order to be successful in this world. In pre-school and kindergarten, children prepare for elementary school.

How did high school education prepare
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