Phyllis schlaftys school to work will train not educate

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Nov 11,  · School-to-Work means that the mission of the public schools is no longer to educate children to be all they can be, but instead to train students to take entry-level jobs as needed by the global economy. School Sponsored School or Sports Physicals School/sports physicals may be obtained at Tully Family Practice if you are unable to obtain a physical through your family physician.

Immunizations and medical treatment are not available through school sponsored physicals. Phyllis Schlafly, the author of "School to Work Will Train, Not Educate," believes that School to Work Programs, which are programs that basically institute apprenticeships in a particular field for students, track individuals into educationally inferior positions with low 5/5(1).

Jul 21,  · SCHLAFLY: What that amendment would do is to make all laws sex-neutral. Well, the typical, classic law that is not sex-neutral is the draft registration law. Get the latest breaking news phyllis schlaftys school to work will train not educate across the U.

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Phyllis schlaftys school to work will train not educate
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