School of scandal as comedy of manners

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The School for Scandal as a Comedy of Manners

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School for Scandal Questions and Answers

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Would you like to find it the primary and merge this world into it?. "School for Scandal" is an excellent example of a Comedy of Manners.

It is a blatant attack on the superficiality of the upper class, pointing up their lack of morals and misplaced attentions. ‘The School for Scandal’ is an excellent example of satirical and artificial kind of comedy, which depicts the manners, follies and hypocrisy of the age with the help of a well-constructed plot and witty dialogues.

Comedy of manners depends on sparkling dialogues. In ‘The School for Scandal’ the conversation between the Teazles is one of the excellent examples of Sheridan ’s wit. Underlying the comedy is a serious theme: condemnation of the odious practice of slander, and in the case of the written letters, libel.

Spreading scandal was commonplace in London’s high society of the s, when conversation—in drawing rooms, at balls, in spas, and across card tables—was a form of entertainment. The best examples of their work include Sheridan’s The School for Scandal () and Goldsmith’s She Stoops to Conquer ().

Again, a little over a century from this date, Comedy of Manner plays were being perfected in England by famous Irish playwright Oscar Wilde, with wonderful works like Lady Windermere’s Fan () and The Importance of Being Earnest ().

The School for Scandal is a play, a comedy, written by Richard Brinsley was first performed in London at Drury Lane Theatre on 8 May

School of scandal as comedy of manners
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The analysis of The school for Scandal